WP1 Model of the mammalian respiratory CPG (WPL: UBAH)

WP2 VLSI scaling of the mammalian respiratory CPG model (WPL: UZH)

WP3 Benefits of restoring RSA in rodent models of heart failure (WPL: BRISTOL)

WP4 CPG model of beat to beat cardiac resynchronisation (WPL: UBAH)

WP5 Beat to beat cardiac resynchronisation CPG device (WPL: UZH)

WP6 Safety evaluation of respiratory and cardiac resynchronisation CPGs (WPL: UBAH)

WP7 Implant telemetry and sensor platform (WPL: MEDTRONIC)

WP8 Fabrication, test and validation of adaptive pacemaker implants (WPL: UBAH)

WP9 Adaptive pacemaker trials and regulatory compliance (WPL: MUW)

WP10 Project management (WPL: UBAH)

WP11 Ethics requirements (WPL: UBAH)



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